Results Engine About

There are many pieces of technology that go to make up the results system. I would not be where it is now without standing on the shoulders of these giants. Of course any errors are mine and mine alone.

Google App Engine provides the sever and scalability behind the results system. Simple responsive cheap and easy to work with. GAE is a great cloud product.

Twig Persist by John Patterson provides the data layer. Twig Persist is very easy to use and provides some truly elegant data forms.

Spring is used as the IOC container. Spring is an industry leader for IOC systems in Java.

The site is written using Oracle Java

Unsemantic provided the basis of the grid based styling and responsive design. If you are looking for an excellent starting point for responsive web design then Unsematic is a great place to start.

Compass provides the engine that does all of the CSS building and is bundled as part of Unsemantic

SSAS is the markup language I have used for all of the CSS. SSAS is simply fantastic for containing the beast that CSS markup can become.

The combination of Unemantic, Compass and SSAS provides all of the look.

JQuery has been used extensively to customise the user experience.

PURL a javascript library that provides URL parsing by jQuery-URL-Parser

The column showing and hiding is based on work by Maggie Wachs, Column hiding and showing is an elegant way of dealing with some responsive issues. Not sure what I am talking about. Have a look at a search on a small device like a phone, and some of the columns are hidden, but can be shown. Click the cog to see it all in action.

Finally I would like to thank all the testers who tried out the system in its many guises and offered suggestions, bug reports, encouragement and criticism. It's all been very valuable.